The Killing of Sheila Price

‘Isn’t that what families always think?’

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The body of a married woman, Sheila Price, is discovered lying in her suburban home, apparently the victim of a ritualised killing. Her estranged husband, Harry, is brought in for questioning, but the evidence appears to point in the direction of Ireland’s very first serial killer.

It falls to Garda Detective Inspector Dan Hogan, a frail, lonely alcoholic who dabbles in Buddhism and the occult, to unravel a story of hatred, abuse, sexual transgression and madness before he arrives at an utterly shocking conclusion.

This is tense, haunting storytelling set in the semi-apocalyptic wreckage of post Celtic Tiger Ireland, a land which still fiercely guards its secrets no matter the cost.

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Ghost In The Sky


jason book cover BOLD Impact final a

Short Novel

Sci Fi Thriller

The US Government owns the most incredible tool of espionage ever developed. It’s not a secret smartphone app, or a supernatural piece of hacking software. It is an aircraft so fast it can be anywhere on the globe within hours, yet so silent it could be hovering right above your house by night and you wouldn’t have a clue.
But the mystery plane is about to become part of a conspiracy which may threaten the very nature of life on this planet, and Mission Commander Bob Strasser must confront a very personal ghost on his way to an ending which will defy all expectations.
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Fairies Only Wear Wings


A body in a boat, a 20 year old mystery, a young woman haunted by the past, a documentary maker whose life is falling apart: these form part of the backdrop to an absolutely haunting and unique tale. ‘Fairies’ was first broadcast on Shannonside Northern Sound in May 2016 and is now available for listening on Mixcloud.

Written and directed by Jason Gill and produced and edited by Alan Meaney, ‘Fairies’ is about the mysterious life and death of Lizzie Lacey, a young girl found dead in a boat near the isolated community where she lived on the shore of Lough Ree, in the Irish Midlands. Her death is presumed to have been murder, but no one is ever charged.

Twenty years later, Kevin Brown, a radio documentary maker, comes to the lake to make a programme about the mystery. He is aided by Caroline, the dead girl’s sister, who is herself haunted by their troubled past. Kevin’s marriage is on the rocks, his relationship with Caroline becomes complicated, and he finds that he too is becoming haunted by the strange ghost of Lizzie.

Lizzie believed in mystical forces. She was absolutely convinced that fairies were real and that they came to visit her every night by Lough Ree. Was she mad? Or did those mystical forces somehow contribute to her tragic end? If someone did kill her, was it her estranged boyfriend, or the aged Englishman with whom she formed a strange friendship, or was it someone else entirely?

This absolutely haunting and gripping new two part drama is available for listening on mixcloud.



‘Love Was’

‘Love never was. It was only in his head.’
One Hour Play for radio.
A young man’s obsessive and ultimately tragic love for the enigmatic Alison is told against the backdrop of recent history, including 9/11, the Irish economic crash and the plight of a local football team.

A story both sad and funny with beautiful writing that haunts the memory.

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Love Was by Alanmeaney on Mixcloud



‘The Prime of Johnny Broody’

Johnny Broody 1

‘Sure everybody’s guilty of some atrocity. It’s how we all stay equal.’

Stage Play

Johnny is an Irish farmer in his 50’s who has lived all his life under the shadow of his mother, the ancient and entirely villainous Bridie Broody.
But Bridie’s long and angry life looks to be coming to an end at last, and Johnny is on the point of inheriting a substantial fortune.
Enter his embittered brother Billy, however, and a host of greedy neighbours sensing easy pickings, and poor Johnny faces a battle simply to hold on to what’s left of his sanity.
Irish mores and the relentless lust for land and property are mercilessly satirized in this dark comedy romp which offers a dizzying new spin on an age old tale.
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The Midtown Incident

‘The stars are leaking.’

One Hour Radio Play

Three presenters on a late night radio show find themselves locked inside the studio as a series of utterly frightening events seem to be unfolding on the streets outside.
Is the world ending? Or is it all just a mass hallucination? This is a genuinely scary treat with a mindboggling twist in the tale.
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‘When Harry Met Satan’

‘The whole field of devilry is blighted by such misconceptions, no doubt encouraged by our – ah – competitors.’
Half Hour Radio Comedy
Harry is a struggling young stand up comedian who one day has a chance encounter with none other than the Devil in a Dublin pub. The meeting threatens to throw Harry’s life in an entirely new direction.
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‘Bloody Stupid Romance’

BSR Apr 2012 book cover

‘Listen mum, I’d love to stay and chat, but I’ve got to hide a drug taking transvestite in my bedroom.’
Stage Play
This is a comedy about the lives, loves and disasters of a group of young women who share a house in Dublin.
Monica is a distressed homeowner with a married boyfriend, Mary is a nurse with anger issues, Stephanie is an incurable romantic whose ex-boyfriends keep taking our restraining orders against her, and Maureen is her sidekick who also harbours a dark secret of her own.
Bloody Stupid Romance is an anarchic romp from start to finish. It’s great fun to produce and watch, and it may even mutate into a chick lit novel some day.
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‘The Brothers Malone’

Stage Play

‘Every election, hail, sleet or rainin’ bloody concrete, two thousand, three hundred and fifty seven morons rise from their graves to vote for a certified f**** psycho.”
MJ Malone is a corrupt Irish politician facing the ultimate struggle, that of holding on to his position. The toxic politics which have led to the abject failure of the Irish state are searingly analysed here in a play which also manages to be absolutely hilarious.
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