Secret Space Planes And Radio Plays

Ok, so why does this post contain a picture of the US Military’s ultra secret spy spaceship, so ultra secret that we don’t even know if it spies or not? Well, it’s partly a piece of self-indulgence I suppose. I hope it amounts to a piece of serendipity.

Also, though of course this isn’t the main point of the piece, I can’t help ruminating yet again about what exactly constitutes ‘fake news’ these days. After all, if the X-37B is so damn secret, then how come we know about it? How come we even know its name?

But I digress. This is supposed to be about blowing my own tiny electronic trumpet. Just the other weekend, a small and very talented group of people – with myself in tow – put the final touches to recording my new radio play, entitled ‘A Pilot’s Honour.’

The drama will be edited before being broadcast on Ireland’s Newstalk station. It should be possible to listen to it from just about anywhere in the world, but we’ll keep you posted on that.

In the meantime, let’s confine ourselves to noting that we enjoyed a hard working but very successful weekend, and that the combination of glorious sunshine and Galway is enough to lift the most haggard spirit. My unlimited thanks go, as always, to my brilliant and unflappable producer, Alan Meaney, and to an incredible acting team of Martina Dolan, Joe Steiner, Martin Kelleher and Ronan Flynn.

‘A Pilot’s Honour’ is a sort of love story very loosely adapted from a subplot in my novel ‘Ghost In The Sky,’ which I published on Amazon a couple of years ago, coincidentally around the same time the X-37B went into orbit.

‘Ghost In The Sky’ tells the story of a top secret aircraft which uses lighter than air technology in a way so bizarre it can actually hover outside your house by night without you knowing anything about it. You can find out more about it here:

Ghost In The Sky Kindle Edition



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