Two Plays Shortlisted For Major Festival


I’m delighted to hear today that two radio plays I wrote and directed have been shortlisted for the 2017 UK international Radio Drama Festival, which is to take place in Herne Bay, Kent from the 20-25th February next.

‘Fairies Only Wear Wings’ and ‘The Prime of Johnny Broody’ were written and directed by me and produced by the excellent and hugely talented Alan Meaney. Alan and I have been putting together high quality radio drama for a while now, and it’s great to get this recognition.

The two plays couldn’t possibly be more different. ‘Fairies Only Wear Wings’ is a two part mystery drama about the unexplained death of a 16 year old girl. The mystery is revisited twenty years later by a documentary maker, with the help of the dead girl’s sister. It’s a play that is partly about the maddening gaps in recorded memory when it comes to finding out the truth of anything that happens in Ireland (the terrible failures and at times downright malice of our State are once again very much in the news at the moment). But it’s also a play about longing and magic and the ultimate unknowability of truth.

‘The Prime of Johnny Broody,’ on the other hand, is very much a comedy, albeit a very dark one. An evil old woman lies on the brink of death, it looks like Johnny, the son she has downtrodden all his life, is finally about to inherit some wealth, but wherever there’s a will, there are relatives, not to mention greedy and lusty neighbours.

‘The Prime of Johnny Broody’ plays with a familiar trope of Irish theatre to deliver some killer lines and darkly hilarious moments. The play is narrated by two ghosts, whose concerns in the afterlife are anything but eternal.

‘Fairies Only Wear Wings’ was originally broadcast on Shannonside Radio. ‘The Prime of Johnny Broody’ was first heard on Midlands Radio. Both productions were funded by the Broadcast Authority of Ireland under the Sound and Vision Scheme.

It’s been quite a journey getting these haunting stories from brain to page to production, in the course of which Alan and I have been very fortunate to work with some very creative, talented and generous people. To Alan and all of them I will always be more grateful than words can express.

You can listen to ‘The Prime of Johnny Broody’ here:

You can listen to ‘Fairies Only Wear Wings’ here:

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You can find ‘The Killing of Sheila Price’ here:

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