An Irish Fable Of Money And Lust


“Bridie Broody, is it? Don’t tell me that old crone continues to cheat the gates of Hell.”

I’m delighted to announce that my dark comedy, ‘The Prime of Johnny Broody,’ receives its radio debut on Midlands 103 FM at 7pm (1900 GMT) next Tuesday, 20th December. The show can be heard by tuning into the station’s website – or via the TuneIn radio app. Brimming with laughs and darkly knowing observation, it’ll bring you some much needed hilarity this Christmas.

“The best and the worst of rural Ireland. It all comes out for a death: the relentless sandwich making and the lust for land.”

Set in a Midland Irish village, the play tells the story of Johnny, a bachelor farmer in his 50’s who has devoted his entire life to the care of his mother, the elderly and entirely villainous Bridie Broody.Johnny Broody 1

Having cheated neighbours and every disease known to man, Bridie looks like she’s finally headed for the exit door. She’s managed to squirrel away quite a bit of money over the years, so it looks like poor Johnny’s life is finally about to begin, with the aid of a big wad of cash.

But life, alas, is never that simple. Enter Johnny’s estranged brother, Billy, chased from the door by Bridie many years ago but now back to demand his share of the pile. Enter the neighbours, confident that the naïve Johnny won’t have a clue how to spend all that lovely money.

Poor Johnny has to fend off everyone from a scheming politician to a highly sexed nurse. Sure he hasn’t a chance, or has he?

“You can’t share tenderness with a dog, Johnny. Well, not that some oul fellas haven’t tried, but it doesn’t come out well, believe me.”

The radio version of The Prime of Johnny Broody is brought to you by the producer – director team of Alan Meaney and Jason Gill. Both have successfully completed a number of radio dramas which have received funding under the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland’s (BAI) Sound and Vision Fund and been shortlisted for a number of major European awards.

‘The Prime of Johnny Broody’ takes us thirty years further into the life of an all powerful Irish matriarch such as John B. Keane’s ‘Big Maggie.’ She’s vanquished everyone around, sent family and neighbours packing, but what happens when mortality finally beckons?

“I know women that’s made fortunes on the strength of their ankles. And you’re not the sharpest Johnny Broody.”

The drama plays with one of the most traditional Irish tropes – a tortured family, an impending death, a will – but adds new elements, such as the fact that all the of the action is narrated by two ghosts, looking in with the rest of us on all the shenanigans of rural Ireland.

Dark, mischievous and brimming with killer lines, ‘The Prime of Johnny Broody’ is a must listen for anyone with an even passing interest in rural Ireland, or who just badly needs a laugh over Christmas. This is not to be missed.

‘Jesus, it’s like talkin’ to a tree. No, feck that. A tree if better lookin.”

So don’t forget: 19.00 Hours GMT on Sunday, 20th December. You can listen in on or the TuneIn radio app.



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