‘The Killing Of Sheila Price’ – Now Available on Amazon


I’m delighted to finally be able to announce that my crime novel, ‘The Killing of Sheila Price,’ is finally available for download on Amazon Kindle. It tells the story of a brutal murder in the Irish Midlands, investigated by Dan Hogan, a character I’m actually pretty proud of: a frail, lonely, alcoholic who dabbles in things as diverse as Buddhism and the occult.

The body of an Irish woman, Sheila Price, is found in her home very early one morning. She has apparently been the victim of a particularly brutal and ritualised killing. Is her tragedy the work of Ireland’s first serial killer? Dan Hogan isn’t so sure, and his suspicions fall almost immediately on the dead woman’s estranged husband, Harry.

What follows is a bizarre voyage through the underbelly of Irish society, the stuff you see and hear about only very rarely, and then through a glass darkly. Hogan’s efforts to solve the case take him into dark family histories, the visions of a psychic and a secret Irish community which embraces alternative sexual lifestyles.

How far will he have to go in order to find out what happened? How far will he get before he is forced to stop?

This is tense, haunting storytelling with unforgettable characters and some unique twists. Its noir atmosphere is heightened by being set amid the post-apocalyptic wreckage of the Celtic Tiger, where everything just seems to have stopped.

It’s taken a while to get it up there, which is down to a combination of my torturously slow editing, Neanderthal I.T. skills and absurdly complicated life, but there it is. Give it a look.

It retails at $3.99. I think that’s about €3.55 (euro) or £3.07. I hope to post regular updates about the book in the weeks to come. People who are interested in finding out more can also check out the ‘Dreaming Sheila’ page on Facebook.

You can go direct to the book by clicking on this infeasibly long link here:



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