Some Thoughts On Clintrumpica

They say a picture tells a thousand words. As a writer, I’ve always tried to resist the notion that words are obsolete. I have to believe they mean something, if only because I don’t want to feel like a blacksmith or a butter churner, a practitioner of some quaint but irrelevant art.

That said, here’s a picture that tells you all you need to know about the US Presidential election.

The population of the world increases beyond anything imagined before, while the population of its ruling class shrinks to less than the size of a quark.

You can channel David Icke, Douglas Adams and The Simpsons to arrive at the inevitable conclusion: they may all be reptilian monsters from outer space, but you have to vote for one of them.

Here’s one utter certainty: inequality will increase, regardless of who is elected in November. The only difference, perhaps, is that Hillary’s people will quote a lot more statistics from pet UN agencies telling you that it hasn’t.

If it takes pretty outrageous chutzpah for a man like Donald Trump to portray himself as a champion of the poor and an agent of change, then that’s just the time we live in.

Neither candidate will do anything to slow the satanic wheels of that creature called capitalism, which yields such huge profits for so very few, and which will probably give the plebs some sort of iPhone variant they can use to post selfies from inside their butts in a year or two.

In the meantime, if climate change (which Trump denies and Hillary accepts but won’t do anything about) does actually kill the planet, then Donald and Hillary and Bill and Melania will be on that escape ship, but you won’t be and neither will I.

Still though, the non-race to the White House might have a little more hot spice thrown in as it makes its indigestible way towards the nation’s colon.

Trump signalled furiously that he intends bringing up Bill Clinton’s personal life, and the only reason he didn’t was that Chelsea Clinton was in the hall ( he’s such a classy guy).

Even pro-Hillary media people (ie virtually all of them) are queasily admitting that there is some nasty fuel in there. The fox, as my grandma used to say, may go grey but never good.

Now isn’t that something to get excited about? Something to make you chug down your cheeseburgers with extra gusto. Buy that Hoagy, get that extra cake for in front of the TV.

The Donald’s getting nastier and it’s Monica time again. Make sure you have enough food and drink. We’ve got to shift some more units before November.


One thought on “Some Thoughts On Clintrumpica

  1. I think you’re right – that picture does paint a thousand words – maybe even a little ‘hell hath no fury’?? Actually possibilities seem endless??? And of course your grandma was quite correct.


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